Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hot Pepper Spray

Tent Worms on Hydrangea Paniculata

Many of the trees were affected this year by the Tent worms/caterpillars. I don't use any type of chemicals outside so I hand picked some of these worms, then placed them in soapy water and used a hot pepper spray also. Birds have no taste so this wouldn't harm them. I find it difficult to understand that they have no taste when it comes to the favorite seeds some of them prefer. 

Caribbean Red Habanero

I have some varieties of hot peppers which I planted for my son-in-law. Happy to find out they will serve greatly in making the spray. A Scoville Heat Index can be found on the internet which is a measurement of the hotness of peppers. These Habanero's have a heat unit of 445,000, ferociously hot! Compared to the Jalapeno at 5,000; the Cayenne pepper at 60,000 and the hot banana at 500. I put these peppers in the blender, and then strained them through a coffee filter, added water also in the spray bottle. You can also add a little dish soap to help the liquid to stick on the leaves. I did notice the worms did curl up and die, but had to really douse the leaves.

Tiny Tree Frog

This little Tree Frog was barely a half inch wide sitting on the ornamental grass. I sure hope the hot pepper spray didn't affect him. But better he would get a hot mouth instead of chemicals on my plants. The chemicals are destroying not only the wildlife but the human race.

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